-- DAY 6: Shortage of Firewood in Town + Power Restored There --

In Potsdam, the neighbors brought us extra water and told us how to get more water out of their well using a bucket on a rope. The back steps have about 1 3/4 inches of solid ice from the storm. It is raining again and the driveway is a sheet of ice covered with water. Looks like it could be a real problem getting back to my place to get more wood because my road are all iced up and it was only the rough surface of a thin coating of snow that made traction. This rain could erode the snow surface and make it too slick to drive on the hills. . We have some wood here but very little hardwood for warm fires at night and they are forecasting below zero tonight with -40 f wind chill factor. Looking for backup wood in case we can't get more wood today. We need to conserve all dry wood that we have here.

Surveyed our wood situation: I had my gas saw with me and plenty of gas to cut with, we have green branches 2-4" diameter, large diameter green wood from the downed trees around the house and some very hard to split pieces from last year. Split what I could of the dryer pieces and have maybe enough for tonight. so we can't burn dry wood during the day. tested burning green wood and the 2-4" diameter branches on a good bed of coals and a small amount of dry wood work best. If we have to we could make it through tonight without more wood, but I want to stock up on wood if the weather improves .. I also need to see if my neighbors at home are getting out.

Rain is turning to snow ... great .. this will improve traction on the road. getting colder and roads are improving so I am making an expedition to check on my neighbors at home and get more wood. The 4pm emergency curfew was extended to 9pm tonight so I have to return by then.

Just getting ready to leave and power returned to this area in Potsdam. We can't be sure it will last, with strong winds forecast tonight. Marked some downed live wires with orange plastic bags and headed off to get more firewood.

Made it to my place, talked to my neighbors. They said the National Guard came down the road we cleared to see if everyone was ok. the town is clearing the road from the other direction, I can hear them over the hill. I moved some of the wood I cut off the road so they can clear the road. Loaded up firewood in the car and headed back to Potsdam. Traveling after dark was a lot harder, 5 power company trucks from Pennsylvania were working on roads near my place... people hoping for power in their houses. surprised the power trucks were so far out so fast. The power lines on the road we had to drive over were now pushed to the side along with broken power pole.

Arrived back at Potsdam, power still on. but strong winds starting. With all the hanging branches we can't count on the power staying on. We have enough wood for a few days. Each day on the radio station we have every one calling in to talk about their adventures in the storm and tips on how to drain pipes, and make due with what we have, etc. Neighbors have all been helping each other and many callers are commenting on how they are enjoying themselves with so little and how much of a community has developed. People are really getting into this call in time and almost everyone is tuned in ... very few other stations on the air with local news. all the shelters are listed and important info .. status of emergency travel, reports of services, announcements, warning (carbon monoxide danger from inadequate ventilation on generators). what stores are open are closing at 4pm before dark, weather, etc.

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