-- DAY 4: We Finish Cutting our Way to the Road--

We cut our way through to the cleared road. right near the end we met 2 men and a 15 year old boy with chain saws and a flat bed truck with chains. they were other people from our town who were volunteering to help clear roads. we worked with them for a while and then they went further down the road towards our neighbors .. cutting trees and tops but leaving them on the road .... tomorrow a town crew is working there way from the other direction with a front end loader to move all the cut tops and trees off the road. so now we have a cleared path to the clear road to Colton. but the emergency state was still in effect and no travel was allowed. .... later in the day the ban was lifted for travel within a town but not inter town. but it was too late to travel ... all food stores close at 4pm because there is no light in the stores. so tomorrow we plan an expedition to town to make phone calls and stock up on gasoline for the saws. and supplies. new prediction is 4 weeks till all people in the county get electricity restored. 400,000 people are offline in Northern NY !! the estimate yesterday was 100,000. so it is worse than they thought.

the guys who came in gave us a lot of info on the outside world. store supplies, times open, and if you travel during the curfew you will get a ticket and fine. they told us all you had to say is you are going to get grain for animals and they let you through. Gasoline was all taken by emergency services and none was available to people in Canton. In Colton you can get only 5 gallons for a car ... but you fill as many gas cans as you bring.

We are in good shape here and now have access to a cleared road... but we heard that there is an electric pole was down at the end of the road. with wires. the guys with the flat bed truck were going to try to cut the pole so that should be passable tomorrow. There is an after dusk curfew in all towns. so tomorrow we may be able to make contact through the phone or we may not be able to find a phone or the lines may be too long .... so I'm sending this though the mail.

Time for supper.... chicken stew with my tomatoes, potatoes, and carrots. I had a huge kettle of it for the week. .... still have enough food, no shortages yet. hope to make contact with everyone tomorrow to let them know we are ok, and see if any friends in town need help... ie no heat, etc. the moon is out and it is forecast to go to below zero..... nice and warm in here, they are asking all people without heat to get to shelters if they can. they are using army jeeps and helicopter to look for isolated people. the radio said to make an H in the snow (for help) outside your house and the helicopter will send someone there. we let the flatbed guys know we are ok and the will tell the town crew. ... Supper is hot ..... will send this out tomorrow ... if we can. tune in tomorrow for the latest episode.

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