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(Note: If your computer has limited memory, load only 2 or 3 sites at a time.)
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Directions for Background Loading of Weather Sites:
How Does Background Loading Work?

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==-One Click Loading of 4 Popular Weather Sites In One Screen (Using Frames) -==
Local Forecast, National Radar Loop, Local: Radar Loop, Cloud Loop
[Fast Load Version of Above (No Loops)]
Local: Temps, Wind, NexRad (Fort Drum), and National Highs + Lows
National Cloud Loop, Our Side of Earth, Local Radar Summary, Precipt (24hrs)
STORM REPORT: NE Radar Loop, Fort Drum Radar, Summary, Convergence
FROST REPORT: Cloud Cover, US Temps, NA Temps, US Winds
======-Background Loading of Individual Weather Site -======
US Doppler Radar
National Doppler Radar - Past 5 Hr Loop (intellicast.com)
National Doppler Radar - UniSys
Radar Summary - Northeast (Height, Movement Direction)
Doppler Radar NE - Precip - Past 5 Hrs. Loop (intellicast.com)
NEXRAD (Fort Drum Radar - Precipitation Intensity - very detailed) (intellicast.com)
Jet Stream (Intellicast)
NE Rain Fall Amounts Map (24 hrs.) (intellicast.com)
National Snowfall Forecast Map [in season] (TWC)
---------- Contour Maps (Unisys.com) ----------
Unisys Weather Site - Index Of Contour Maps (Maps Updated On The 1/2 Hr)
North America Temperature Contour Map
US Temperature Contour Map
US Wind Contour Map (Wind Speed and Direction)
US Pressure Contour Map
US Moisture Convergence (+ = Updrafts, Possible Thunderstorms; - = Downdrafts)
Unisys Map Explainations (See Definitions Of Above Maps)
Temperature Contour Map (Burlington)
Wind Flow Pattern (Burlington)
Current Weather Map [Highs, Lows, Precip] (TWC)
Current Weather Map [Highs, Lows, Precip] (Intellicast)
US InfraRed Satellite Photo
North East Cloud Cover Satellite General View
N E Cloud Cover (5 Hour Loop - Intellicast)
Cloud Cover US (IR: low resolution - NOAA)
National Cloud Cover (5 Hour Loop - Intellicast)
Forecast Northern St. Lawrence County
Weather View of our Side of the Earth [daily update]

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Directions for Background Loading of Weather Sites:

(Note: If your computer has a very limited amount of memory load only 2 or 3 sites at a time.)

When you click on a link, it will appear in a new browser window. Click on the weather site link that you want to load. As soon as a new window appears shrink (do NOT close) the window and you will return to the original window. Choose another link and shrink that window as soon as it appears. Once you have clicked on each of the sites you want and shrunk the windows, you can view any of the sites as they load or load new sites from your first window (ie: from your bookmarks, go location, etc.) and your chosen weather sites will continue to load in the background.

How Does Background Loading Work?

Background loading of weather information is accomplished by opening a new browser window for each image and loading all the images while you work in another browser window. Clicking on the links on this page will automatically load each site in a new browser window.

When you want to view your downloaded weather sites, Click on a window (icon) on the command line to open that window. This allows you to compare information from different maps by switching between windows. Once the windows are filled you do not need to be on line to view the separate windows.

When you want to end your browser session and close all the open windows, click on File .. then choose Exit to close all windows.

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