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Weeding Strategies for Large Gardens

The Wheel Hoe Is An Essential Tool for Large Garden Weeding

Close-up of Wheel Hoe: Sharp Blade Cuts Weeds By Moving Just Under Surface

Soybeans Before Weeding (Note Weeds Between Rows)

Soybeans After Weeding With Wheel Hoe

Soybeans After Hilling
The Canopy Of Soy Leaves Will Cover Between Rows And Shade Weeds

Soybeans Canopy Fully Covering Rows
After this point only an occassional weed appearing in the row will need to be removed.

Double Row of Carrots (Rows about 1 foot apart) Shades Out Weeds
(Note: Terrace of clover on left and newly planted snap bean on right where lettuce once grew.)

Bush Winter Squash Growing On Compost Pile Between Double Rows of Soybeans
This method (see far end) also shades out weeds.
What remains of compost pile next season will be spread out and tilled in.

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